Each new Semester Off student in the full-semester program attends individual meetings with a senior staff member.  These meetings allow us to gain a preliminary understanding of the student and the challenges faced in college.  We work with the student to help customize aspects of the Semester Off experience according to his/her talents and interests.  Referrals are made to learning and mental health specialists, as appropriate.

The semester is 8-14 weeks in length depending on the semester, and the daytime programming runs Monday through Friday. Each day begins at 9:00 A.M. and the end time varies based on the day. Staff are present and students may utilize their services until 5:00 P.M. most days.  While many of the hours each day are structured, there is also self-directed and elective time built into each day.  As appropriate, students may spend time during the week taking classes at nearby colleges, working a part-time job, and/or attending appointments with therapists, psychopharmacologists, and others. Semester Off boasts a student to staff ratio of 6:1 at its capped enrollment.

Important dates, rates, and other information regarding the Summer 2019 Semester can be found below:

Summer 2019

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