Since its inception, Semester Off has taught our students essential skills related to executive functioning, organization, and time management. We have partnered with top educators from Engaging MindsTM and the Institute for Learning and DevelopmentTM and have received important consultative services from these organizations as well as independent executive functioning coaches in the Boston area. During the Semester Off experience, our students not only learn and review fundamental executive functioning skills, they also practice these techniques regularly under our nurturing direction. In particular, our unique executive functioning curriculum has been developed specifically to be applied to the General Psychology class taught at Semester Off by our founder, Dr. Goldberg. In so doing, we are able to assess, in real-time, how effectively students are implementing these methods around a true college course which we have crafted for this particular population and which we teach on-site. As appropriate, we problem-shoot with individual students when they are not effectively implementing executive functioning strategies, and we develop alternate strategies with that student’s input. In addition to organizational and time management techniques, students learn how to engage in college level reading assignments, how to write papers, and how to prepare for detail-oriented college exams.

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