Courses taught include the following:

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Workshop
  • How to Succeed in College
  • Adulting
  • Creative Expressions
  • General Psychology (a.k.a. Psyc 101)*

*Students may elect to co-register at Framingham State University and earn four (4) college credits through FSU for this course which is taught by the Semester Off founder, Dr. Ilan Goldberg, at the Semester Off facility in Wellesley.


In addition to the above courses, blocks of time are carved out for students to practice the fundamentals of wellness which include three-four hours per week of Group Exercise and two hours per week of Yoga and Guided Meditation.  Group Team-Building pushes the students to work together with a common purpose to overcome challenges.  An organized module of Community Service is in place, as well, which is conducted off premises.  Finally, to round out the experience, students engage with each other in a group setting called Reflections where relationships they develop with one another, their outside families and friends, and with themself can be explored.

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